Entries of a Lonely Happy Girl – Part 1

My wonderful window which painted my bedroom pink every morning

April 2017

Sometimes I wish I had a friend to go to when it’s 2 am and I can’t stop thinking.

Other times I wish I didn’t have any friends at all.

Only laying with the leaves in the trees.

Looking into what seems like closed windows and seeing other people happier without you. . . hurts.

It hurts whether you deny it or not.

Seeing them do things they wouldn’t do with you but they will with others.

After they say you’re their favorite…

You get so happy thinking they feel the same about you as you do them.

But deep down you know all they’re telling you is just in the high of the moment.

You think to yourself… maybe I just feel too much.

Maybe I’m just being ridiculously jealous.

But that’s not how feelings work all the time.

You can’t just always stop them- even if you try a million times.

Sometimes you have to do what your heart has been trying to.

Go and make friends with the trees.

Tell what you feel to the stars at 2 am… when you have no one else to go to.

Give yourself advice when others don’t have time for you.

As long as you truly love yourself, you are never alone.

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