“That’s What I Think Love Is”

springtime flowers


When someone has found their love the pieces that weren’t conscious of being absent are suddenly awakened.

All new sensations are discovered.

Beautiful ways of seeing everything.

Ways you’d only heard about but never thought to be true.

They’re things you always keep in the back of your mind to remember later.

To smile while absent minded and daydreaming about them.

You adore how much they love those dumb jokes or how their laugh sounds when they tell it.

And even in the worst of situations… just having their presence makes you feel like it will be okay.

And just knowing they’re thinking of you makes your heart spark every time… doesn’t matter how many times.

After they touch your skin, you think about it repeatedly in your head, not wanting to forget the way you felt in that moment.

Not wanting to forget the butterflies you get inside whenever they say your name with wide eyes and a smile.

And your biggest fear is that you might one day lose them.

So you take in all these feelings.

Daydream of all these memories… to hopefully never be left with only those ones to think about.

That’s what I think love is.

June 26, 2016 – 11:10 P.M.

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