Beautiful Brown Girl

My spoken word poetry is for every brown girl- regardless of their “flaws.”

“Beautiful Brown Girl”

To the beautiful brown girl I saw in the bathroom

It’s okay to let raindrops pour from your eyes

As long as you make sure it quits raining before you run outside

Stunning brown girl coming into the class

It’s okay to let your posture fall

Just make sure to straighten up before you walk right past them

Intelligent brown girl I saw trying so hard not to slip up

It’s okay to have a wild vocabulary with an alter ego

Make sure it’s always your choice who you choose to be

Breathtaking brown girl walking into a room full of eyes

It’s okay if your hoops are as big as your hair

Don’t let how they feel determine how your hair feels

Unapologetic brown girl I saw leaving the venue

It’s okay if your taste in music doesn’t add up with the color of your skin

Just make sure to turn it up louder when they ask, “Why do you like this?”

Excellent brown girls I see all around me

It’s okay to be happy with your big lips, big thighs, and big brown eyes

Just as long as you let other brown girls without those be happy too

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