Metal Head

This is a short narrative piece which describes how I felt after my second cervical fusion surgery. After waking up, I realized the surgery really worked. The pressure from my bones collapsing around my spinal cord was finally gone. I couldn’t believe it. After half a year of debilitating migraines, I could finally take a breath.

A little hard to smile when your face is squished…

Metal Head

Groggily I wake up. All of the lights are off except the ones along the wall. Pastel pink, blue, and purple wash over the room. Something is different. Nothing more than the hypnotic beeping accompanies me. Soon the door slides open and I hear, “Hi sweety, how are you doing? Are you in a lot of pain?” The nurse shuffles around the dim room searching for the medication. Am I in a lot of pain? I ask myself silently. To my surprise, I answer no. She still sends the fluids through my IVs. It tastes like metal. “You’re going to want this soon though,” she says to me. I agree with a tired smile. As she leaves I am over washed with a feeling I’ve only dreamed of. A million bricks off my shoulders. Finally a breath of fresh air without gasping for help. I can feel every piece of metal settling inside me- old and new. I couldn’t be more happy.

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