The Mighty

Hey there, got some free time? If so, you should check out my first published article on The Mighty. It covers Klippel-Feil Syndrome and how it effects each person who has it differently. This article talks about my close friend Luca and her story of surviving Klippel-Feil and other complex diseases as well.

Click the link below the photo to read the article, “How Creating an Awareness Video Led Me to My ‘Rare’ Friendship.”

shilynn and her friend's photos side by side, smiling

Published by SimplyShi

Hello, I am Shilynn. I am eighteen years old and I want my words to be heard. I have so much I want to share and I needed a space of my own for just that. I hope whatever piece of me you come across brings you a smile or the comfort of someone to relate to. I want to share my experiences and advice concerning coming of age. I want to share small beautiful moments I've captured. I'm going to bring up the vulnerable parts of ourselves so we can learn radical self love once again without judgment. I hope you enjoy all that you find.

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