The Ride

A short scary story.

“Well, if you forgot it we’re not going back for it,” the bus driver slams the door shut and kicks the gear into drive. The door is barely shut as I watch my parents shrink behind me. Maybe thirty minutes into the long drive someone is already whining about needing the bathroom. “Seriously, we are only thirty minutes in,” I grumble under my breath.

“Ten minutes then you better be back on this bus. Do you understand?” the driver says as he takes a swig out of his thermos. Shortly we all begin to trickle back and of course, I’m at the end of the line. As I get on the bus I begin to smell something… it’s not a bad smell. Maybe someone put some sort of perfume on. I look into the mirror above the driver as I am met by a soul piercing gaze. I quickly sit down as I can feel the unease creep over me like a fever. His eyes are so dark. Are they all black? Where do they begin and where do they end? I hesitantly nuzzle into my corner as I listen to the chatter. The bus and the sun both raced to see who could grow darker fastest. Eventually all the whispers stopped. I squint my eyes to focus but the only light I had was the faint orange glow lining the aisle. 

Peering over the seat I realize no one is driving the bus. What the hell? Maybe it’s just way too dark to see. I sit a bit longer and watch… but as a few cars drove by shining their headlights into the window, I still wasn’t able to see a silhouette. I look around to see everyone asleep with their heads all facing the same way. Each person’s head hangs limply towards the ground, bobbing with each bump. Suddenly the bus stops with an ear piercing screech. I grab the seat in front of me to stop myself from flying forwards… and that smell is back. I cover my mouth as I look around. Seriously, no one is awake still?  

Footsteps creep to me as I begin coughing. “Are you serious, another one left awake!” a woman’s voice snarls, “Alright, well looks like you’ll be helping.” She hands me something hard. I grab to see what it is and feel a deep sting in the palm of my hand, which quickly turned to a burning flame. Blood runs down my fingers and trickles off my nails. I hold back my whimper, “Why would you give me a kn-”

“Which one are you gonna pick up first?” she gives me a push out of my seat. The one thing that made me feel semi-safe in this moment. I trip over my feet and fall onto someone sleeping. 

The woman sneers, “You’ve made your choice.”

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