For the Humans Who Are Different

Are there things you want to do but anxiety stops you?

I dare you to sit with these hidden desires and wants you have.

Allow your mind to go wild.

When you imagine yourself embodying these, how do you feel?

Hopefully excitement bubbles inside you to the surface like a child.

But why must it end there? Why must your desires only live within your mind?

Don’t tell me you’re afraid of what someone else may say. 

If that is the case, I understand.

I do.

But there comes a point where you must become your own judge.

There comes a time where you cannot look to others for confirmation anymore.

Because the answer will always be heart-breakingly, no. 

And why would you want to anyways?

By no longer looking to others for permission you skip all the work of looking for a yes.

You can say yes.

Say yes. 

Right now.

I give you permission to absolutely forget about other people’s opinions for once.

Now what do you want?

What do you truly want?

Yes, it may be uncomfortable to imagine.

It may be uncomfortable to think of because for so long you’ve said no.

Absolutely not.

When you are so worried about what others may think or say, that is giving them all your energy.

So now what are you left with?

Whenever a decision feels hard because you’re worried about judgement,

stop and ask yourself:

“Since when did I start caring what others think?”

And carry on. 

Don’t hesitate a second longer.

This is the first step to trusting yourself and building confidence.

You’re changing the way you think.

Changing the chemistry in your mind.

I have plenty of things I could judge myself about.

My skull is fused to my neck.

I don’t come from a family of sunshine and rainbows.

I can’t seem to fit in with everyone else, no matter how hard I’ve ever tried.

This list can go on but it doesn’t have to.

Because you do not have to care.

That is the beauty of life.

All the universe ever asks from us is to exist. 

It’s that simple.

To exist and do what truly makes us happy.

So what is stopping you now? 

The universe supports you with all you wish for.

So what more confirmation do you need?

You’re allowed to change your mind.

You’re allowed to be proud of what you love.

You’re allowed to express what you feel inside.

As I said before, the universe asks for nothing more than for you to simply exist.

That is more than enough. 

You are more than enough.

If you’re going to be on this Earth you might as well live authentically.

If you cannot be vulnerable and honest with anyone else, at least begin with yourself.

So at last,

I ask once more,

What do you truly want?

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