14 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

During all the chaos in the world right now, we’re being forced by the universe to look inward. We’ve had most of our outer world distractions taken away from us. This is difficult when we are so used to giving away our energy or being surrounded constantly but other people’s energy. So here we are, under quarantine and forced to face nothing but ourselves. This can be scary if we’re not used to truly having time for ourselves, but no need to fear, Shilynn is here! 🙂

Here are 14 ways to raise your vibrations so you can begin to live your best life!

  1. Consistent rest helps keep the body healthy and energized. When your body is energized it is able to reach higher vibrations but if it’s tired it cannot maintain those vibrations. 
  2. Eat alive foods (fruits/veggies) and less processed foods. Your body is a temple and it needs to be fueled, not just filled. Alive foods provide raw nutrients our bodies crave. 
  3. Be mindful of the music you’re listening to. Does your music evoke anger or negative feelings? Does it promote bad habits and mindsets? Listen to peaceful soul calling music, not just ego filling. This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to that music ever again, just be more mindful of how it makes you feel and act when you do.
  4. Loose any habits that leave you feeling drained and guilty afterwards, this could be drinking or smoking or even watching low vibrational content. Listen closely to your body and it will tell you what doesn’t resonate with your soul 
  5. Find movement throughout your day. Everyone should have a daily practice that resonates most with you and allows you to move. It can be dancing, yoga, walking, playing with pets, or exercising. Find an activity that gets you moving and leaves you feeling good. This is vital for a healthy body, mind, and prana (life energy) to flow through the body.
  6. Find time to calm your mind. Carve out time in your day to just exist. Nothing more, nothing less. Give yourself permission to simply exist without any demands. Find a meditation of your choice, there are plenty to choose from. Focusing on your breath and centering with it is an easy way to reclaim your energy and raise your vibrations. 
  7. Think more positive thoughts. Gratitude and love are the strongest most powerful energies in the universe. If you are feeling down, simply name off 5 things you are grateful for and why. Truly immerse yourself in the joy they bring you. How do you feel after?
  8. Allow yourself to explore what makes you happy. Forget expectations of others and allow your mind to be wild and imagine. Contemplate what you truly want from your time on this Earth. What do you want to leave behind? This will help you align with your Divine life purpose. Following the crowd may be easier for you but not for your soul.
  9. Make time for yourself to do the simple things you love. Watch an old cartoon, draw, read, look at pictures. Anything you might deem as “wasting time” do it and don’t feel guilty. Allow your inner child to live once again. 
  10. Drink WATER. Soda, sugary juices, alcohol, or whatever else you can drink will not replenish your body as beautifully as water does. Many people say water is too boring but how can you despise what helped create you in the first place, let alone makes up over half of your body? Dehydration does not come from lack of soda or juice, it comes from lack of water. Nurture your body by staying hydrated đź’™
  11. Steer away from gossip and anger. It might be exciting to bond over negative emotions but the effects on your subconscious are not so great. Try talking less about what you don’t like and more of what you do like 🙂 Words hold more power than we realize.
  12. Spend time with those you love most. This can be family members, friends, pets,  or significant other. During this time with them allow yourself to unplug and relax. This will allow you time to connect with your soul tribe and will truly leave you feeling light afterwards.
  13. Watch content you resonate with. Content that inspires you to be better, and not fall into bad habits. Although you may not agree with everything in the music or shows you indulge in, your subconscious knows no difference. It will consume and emit vibrations which match what you consume. If you’re listening to music which degrades others and boosts the ego, that is where you will vibrate, but if you listen to music that inspires your aspirations… Well, you get the point. Music which is monotone can also leave you feeling dull. Find music filled with soul. 
  14. Stay up to date with things that inspire you. Don’t follow accounts that just make you sad, fearful, or jealous. Be in control of your reality. News stations are created to scare you and give you narrowed information, research for yourself, and don’t forget that between all the chaos there is beauty to be seen as well. 

2 thoughts on “14 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations”

  1. Love all of these! Great reminders, suggestions, and ideas for a super challenging time and perfect for even after things calm back down and normalcy returns for everyone! Love it! Nice job Shilynn!


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