This Little World of Mine


This Little World of Mine 
You’re right. 
I am in my room because I’m in my own little world. 
But in this little world of mine I’ve taught myself how to love.  
How to open my heart without bars around it for protection. 
I taught myself how to pray, 
and hear the angels that guide me through chaotic moments 
I never asked for.  
Once I realized no one is coming to save me, 
I taught myself how to heal. 
Not only the present me, but the child inside me who knew 
no better. 
I taught myself from a young young age 
how to put my heart aside…  
I’ve always wished for the pain in others to heal first. 
Then I’ll try and heal mine. 
So yes, 
I am in my own little world. 
Because in this little world 
It doesn’t matter what I like, 
who I like, 
if I cry, 
if I’m angry, 
if I have emotions I don’t quite understand. 
In this little world of mine, it’s all accepted. 
I can be absolutely me.  
In any and every form. 
Without apology. 
Without explanation or justification.  
And I will not apologize for it.  
Because in this little world, 
I’ve finally learned: 
The hurt others project onto you does not define you. 
Before I found this world of mine, 
this sanctuary, 
I didn’t trust anything. 
Not even myself. 
But then I realized after so much confusing heartache, 
After so many books, 
Lectures, Meditations 
Yoga poses, Journal entries, 
Prayers, Sobs 
Talks with the Universe. 
The hurt that others shove onto my tender heart, 
that they project onto me with no remorse, 
it does not define me or my worth. 
It’s a reflection of how they are truly hurting inside. 
How their inner child is coping with a broken heart that 
no one took the time to hold. 
This world of mine taught me that once you heal yourself, 
you begin to heal those around you. 
I understand no one was raised perfectly. 
We teach based on how we’re taught.  
We try our best.  
But there comes a time 
when we have to stop and be honest. 
How much longer will I hold onto this anger? 
This frustration? 
This blame? 
Silently ask yourself, 
Why am I the way I am? 
When can I just let go? 
Be vulnerable. 
The moment you decide to surrender is the day the Universe 
takes you in its arms.  
That’s what I’ve learned in this little world of mine.  

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