Creating a Connection With Your Divine Guides and Higher Self

Divine beings all live at a higher frequency than we as humans do, but this doesn’t mean we cannot be guided by their never ending support. Over the past year of my life I have practiced raising my vibrations so I can connect to those we cannot see. Call them angels, ancestors, spirits, higher self… whatever you wish. Once you surrender and open up you will receive the guidance and unconditional love Source has for you. Here are the steps I’ve done to open back up to Source aka the Universe (in no specific order). 

Side note: everything on my list may not work for everyone, so take what works for you and leave the rest 🙂

person doing yoga on floor
  1. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. It doesn’t matter if you’re “good” at it or not. In order to raise your vibrations and be receptive to the Universe, you must quiet your mind. Messages, synchronicities, and guidance are subtle, therefore we must be still and pay attention.

2. Simplify your life. This doesn’t mean move to the middle of the forest (unless you want to), but instead get rid of chaos. If your house, aka sanctuary, is cluttered and overall chaotic energy, clean it. Cleanse the stagnant energy. This will help make it easier to focus and allow calming energy to stay. Light some candles while you’re at it!

3. Since I am clairaudient, I get most messages as audible noise. Through music, other people, or simply hearing messages while sitting in silence. Source does not force or demand connection, it gives you the power of choice. At times we just have to choose to savor the moment of silence. I recommend waking up sooner than others and allowing yourself a fews hours of solitude each day to be with your energy and your energy alone. No social media, no checking emails, or even worrying about your to-do list. This will help you strengthen the ability to distinguish your intuition from the noise of the world. Quiet activities such as reading and journaling are highly recommended.

4. Listen to your gut. This is intuition and it’s your divine guides sending you messages to protect you. Ever noticed how things seem to go the opposite than you’d like when you ignore that feeling? Does anxiety fill you when you think of 2 decisions you’re unsure of? This is intuition. In moments of uncertainty, quiet your mind and listen to this quiet feeling, it may just save you more times you thought it could. Don’t forget to send a thank you to the Universe and your guides afterwards.

5. One of the most important steps is communicating daily with your guides. Your guides love you unconditionally and love to hear from you. They will not invade your energy unless you invite them in. The Universe grows on the power of choice. You have the choice to allow them into your life. The moment you do this, they will begin to make their messages more clear and your intentions will become more clear too. (They now know you won’t be afraid, and if you are afraid you have the choice to close OFF that connection if you wish. They will respect this too.) You can communicate with them however you feel comfortable, whether writing, prayer, or a simple conversation. It’s truly up to you. 

6. Another important step is gratitude. Your divine guides work hard everyday to send blessing and positive energy your way. Express your gratitude through prayer, meditation, or altars with intentions/offerings, and be of service to others. Also, don’t forget to acknowledge the little blessings all throughout your day. There’s nothing more powerful than being positive and grateful!

7. Cleanse your energy/aura so you can keep a clear connection with higher frequencies. It can be hard, if not impossible, to connect to source if your mind is jumbled and your energy is heavy. Get in balance with your feminine energy to take care of yourself, caring and gentle. You can cleanse your aura with meditation, intentions, sage, and incense. There are many ways. 

8. Look at the world as everything happening FOR YOU and not TO YOU. This will help you begin to see all the blessings you truly have, and release yourself from a victim mentality.

9. Divination. There are countless ways to talk to spirit. The ones I use most are tarot and pendulum. Both of these options take a bit of practice but with time they become a wonderful bridge to connect with source. You don’t even have to learn how to read your own tarot, there are so many ways to get your tarot read, even on Youtube!

10. Most people will think this one is crazy, but if you want to connect with your guides you must believe first before anything else. Believe and truly feel they are with you. This means if something is on your mind don’t hesitate to talk to them about it. It doesn’t have to be outloud but just ask them questions and ask for any advice or comfort you need. Then go about your day and quietly pay attention to the signs and messages.

11. Pray. There’s no special way to do this, it’s personal to everyone. Pray in times of joy, confusion, and even fear. Anything. I have several experiences where my prayers were answered right away, but one I remember vividly is this one:

I was alone in a study room at school and I was so overwhelmed with studying for the ACT  and my chronic neck pain. I didn’t know what to do to make the pain stop so I just rested my head on my arms. Moments after covering my eyes I saw a pair of hands in a prayer with colorful beads on them. I knew it was a message for me, so I listened.  I said a prayer to my spirit guides asking them to help me relieve the pain in my neck and bring comfort. Quickly and I mean quickly, the pain just began to “melt” away. I can’t describe it any different than it disappearing out of my body, and the back of my neck got warm. As if I was being touched. This has happened many other times as well.

Lesson of the story: your prayers will be heard.

I hope these tips can help you understand your personal connection to your higher self and spirit guides even more. Please leave a comment if any of these work for you! I’d love to hear 🙂

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