What No Power Taught Me

photo credits: thecable.ng

On August 10th, 2020 a storm swept through Iowa and several other states with winds as high as 140 mph. This storm has been compared to a level three hurricane. It’s also referred to as a “derecho.” Power lines have fallen, transformers blown, crops ruined, houses demolished and trees torn from the ground. This storm took many by surprise and left even more helpless and confused with what to do next. With many transformers in towns and cities blown out, many citizens had no power or hot water for days, even weeks. This storm forced people to turn towards their families and neighbors to find the support they needed in scary times like these. This is an article about how grateful I am to be one of the lucky ones, and what lessons the universe taught me this time. My prayers go out to everyone whose life was flipped and torn apart by this storm. I hope they get the support and help they deserve. 

What has no power or hot water taught me? It taught me that as humans we tend to take the small things for granted. Once they’re taken away, we realize they’re really the big things. They’re the things that make our lives more comfortable and easier. The plugins for our phones, the frost in our fridge, even the heat for our water. We forget that there was a time where you couldn’t do things at the touch of a screen or the flip of a switch. It made me realize humans once had to live by the timing of the sun. Unless there was candle light, you went to bed the same time the sun did. Taking cold showers made me realize that sometimes you have to do things that are uncomfortable, but truly, the experience comes from your mentality. Having no power has made me realize humans adapt, even when they don’t want to. It made everyone realize that even when we don’t have all the things we want, we have all the things we need. So in that, we are more than abundant. We are abundant in time, in moments with the ones we love, abundant in silly moments to find our inner child, and even abundant in moments to laugh at when things are challenging. Sometimes the universe makes you unplug, even when you don’t want to. It makes you come back to the quiet moments in life when you’d rather fill it with noise and distractions. However, with all things in life, the universe gives us lessons, because without these, life would get boring. Really really boring. So yes, not having power and hot water sucks. It does, but I kind of enjoyed the challenge. It made for an interesting week as a human. 

Although it was hot and uncomfortable at times (a lot of times) I enjoyed the quiet. I enjoyed listening to the choir of crickets outside at night as I watched the shadows from the candles dancing across the ceiling. I forgot the lullaby that August nights give us as the gentle breeze sweeps my feet as I sleep. The days are hot and the nights are chilly, just to begin again. You forget that these small beautiful things exist when all you hear is the constant whir of your fans at night. Constantly buzzing in your ear as you sleep. Yes, there were ugly moments. Yes, there were beautiful moments. However, I do believe there are always things to be grateful for in your life. This storm has reminded me to be grateful for them even before they are taken away.

I’m sending so much love to each and every one of you.

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I want to hear your experiences and your lessons from the universe as well!

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