What Makes a Good Day

photo by:  Patrick Tomasso

For my recent positive psychology assignment, we were told to write what constitutes a good day. How we can apply those things for more future good days? This is what I had to share… Make sure to comment and let me know what makes a good day for you! I’d love to hear. 💛

A good day for me begins with waking up early. Maybe around seven or eight a.m. The very first way I like to kick start a good day is the first thought in my mind: today is going to be an amazing day. This mantra allows me to put positivity and hope before any worries. Although I’m not normally an early riser, I do love the calmness of the morning. When I wake up early, I have so much quiet time to express my gratitude to the universe fully. I enjoy writing in my journal in the morning to remember all I’m grateful for and simply write what’s in my mind. A term spoken about in chapter three was flow. I didn’t think I had anything that put me in that state of mind, until I kept thinking. I realized that yoga and writing did that the most for me. (Kundalini yoga to be specific.) I can go without eating all morning and not even realize it because I’m so engulfed and focused on these two activities. Once I have written and practiced my yoga, normally over an hour or two has passed. Writing and yoga is where my flow state lies. I can do both for so long without realizing or even caring how much time has gone by. 

Although I wouldn’t mind spending all day alone, I try not to. I believe a balance of alone time and spending time with others is a key to healthy relationships, a better mood, and more pleasant emotions. I get a lot of pleasure in taking care of others and making them happy, so finding that balance in time is key. It can be hard for me to take time for myself because I’m usually running off an empty cup for others. That’s where my good days tend not to be so good.

After my morning routine, I direct all my focus to my guinea pig. I get her breakfast, and we eat our food at the same time. Once I make sure she’s okay and I’m sure my cup is full, I like to ask my sister what ideas she had for the day. I’ve noticed with her, I experience positive affectivity. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we are, I’m just happy to spend time with her. I feel the most energetic, joyful and comfortable around her energy. 

Once we’ve filled the day with whatever shenanigans we decided on, it’s time for nighttime. A usual night for me is staying up late while my sister and I talk and watch movies. Although it’s one of my favorite things in the world, it tends to be why my cup cannot always be full. So, a good day for me would be ending my night the same way I began my day. With minimal technology use, yoga, journaling, and maybe even reading too. I have chronic pain, so allowing my body the proper time to unwind is critical to a healing nights rest. This means for future good days, I should create a more balanced schedule of “me” time and time with other people. I must realize I cannot run off an empty cup all the time, and if I want more future good days, my nighttime and morning rituals are critical to my well-being. They must become a priority. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to read what makes a good day for you!

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