Letter From Mama Gaia

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

I question so often, why are humans afraid of their roots.

The same roots that confide in me,

connecting all the trees, all the oceans, and all the mountains.

The same roots that bury deep in the soil, circulating energy into life.

Your ancestors, my children, would bury their hands and feet into the soil.

They would thank the trees everyday for oxygen.

Thank the sun for life and warmth.

Thank the sky for rain.

Bless their food with gratitude.

But yet, you choose not to.


I vibrate everyday, the perfect harmony of life for you, and all I ask in return is gratitude and respect.

Why must you fill the sky with harmful chemicals.

There’s no need.

It’s getting fairly hard to breath, not only for you and me, but also for the trees.

Please, leave it be.

Go outside and breathe, this is a blessing and a privilege.

One day this privilege will no longer be yours.

Find moments of solitude, calm your nervous system.

As you look deep within the flesh you see the nervous system resembles trees and lightning.

This is no coincidence.

Both are life.

Reset your senses.

Your nerves.

Your thoughts.

Please, connect with me once again,

You will see why this is vital to me.

Connect with me by doing nothing.




Without breath, there is no room for your existence.

This is one request.

Please take the time to remember your ancestors.

Connect with the earth’s frequency.

Your true existence.

Where all is calm.

This is where you will find your peace.

I must ask this question as well, and I promise there’s no judgement;

I seek only to teach and understand.

I provide all you need to be truly content, and yet, you push it away.

Why is this?

I provide you





I create the gift of life.

These elements dance along the edge of the vast universe within you.

You can expand past this dense programmed world.

Expand your soul,

You can be brimming with live ecstasy.

Reach unexplainable connections to Source.

The true you.

This has always been at your fingertips.

Everything you will ever need is within you.

The ability to heal,




It’s within all of you.

I can see it.

I must ask you one more thing,

I promise it’s the last favor.

Will you please look within yourself to find the fire?

A fire that lies dormant for too long,

sometimes entire lifetimes.

Find the fire to be your true self once again.

Stop resisting the ability to be your own true leader.

You are a king and a queen,

all at once.

If you do not step into your powerful existence, who truly can?

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