Re-Wired Without Consent: A Social Study

      Every time I travel around the sun I realize more about this strange earth. Did you know the majority of our thoughts and desires are not even ours? Think about that for a moment, they’re simply regurgitation of the immediate world around us. Society is a pro with manipulating our desires, from the food we eat, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the labels we give, the lifestyles we chase, and so much more.

     To begin, let’s discuss music, social media, and movies. Personally, I am tired of being rewired without my consent. Naturally I am a easy person to please. I’ve never been comfortable asking for a lot, because I know blessings lie in what’s already mine. However, I’ve realized as I venture more into the subliminal signs of the world, I realize it’s all bullshit. Please excuse my French, but it’s true.

     Back to the topic of being rewired, did you know that we are force-fed consumerism in America? We’re not only consuming tangible things such as food or materials, but also thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I’ve always tried to remember that the real world is NOT on our screens, but as I use social media more routinely, I can see the subliminal messages in timelines try to settle in my subconscious.

     For example, recently (January 7th, 2021) the White House was “raided” by (majority Caucasian) protesters. I put emphasis on the word “raided” because the cops practically held the doors open for them. This is the type of media society loves to feed you. They show you injustice, which they know is wrong, just to get you riled up. Just to disrupt the peace inside you and evoke anger. After all, humans are easier to control the more distraught they are. Anyone is easier to control when their energy is given away to fear and anger (the lowest frequencies), instead of peace and inner knowing. The moment I saw this reoccurring rodeo on my timeline, I acknowledged it, and carried on. I don’t have time to be another member of this circus we call “democracy.”

     While using social media, it can be hard to draw the clear line between an actual reality and a polished one. It’s easy for people to pretend everything is perfect on social media. All you have to do is post when something amazing happens and save the challenging moments for your eyes only. Only post the “best” selfies, but don’t mention the hundred other ones that didn’t make the cut. Don’t forget to sit and articulate your captions word for word. Some people even post themselves naked, which is beautiful, they know they got it and they’re not afraid to flaunt it. However, for the average consumer the ego takes these “perfect moments” and begins to create a reality which is only half painted. Then naturally, we begin to fill in the blanks. We focus on what we do and don’t have in comparison to others.

     Society does such a wonderful job slipping subliminal seeds of repetition and comparison into our minds. You can be content with the perfect car for you, but then you see a video of someone with a new 2020 matte black Tesla, and suddenly all that joy is out the window. Why is this? Does it stem from a lack of confidence, gratitude, and self-worth? Where does the never-ending pit grow from? Is it our fault as individuals, or are we all succumbed to this never-ending consumer club?

     The moments I mindlessly scroll, and I don’t draw the boundary between my life and others, the harder it is to step into my true alignment. I’ll admit, it is hard to be grateful sometimes. How can I possibly focus on myself, when all I see are better versions of me on the screen?

     Between the constant stimulation from foods, movies, music, and media- there’s very little space for expansionary growth. Everything we partake in has been pre-programmed. The government has harmful programs, as I mentioned before. Most of the popular music we listen to may be catchy, but the words can be self-destructive and can easily suck you into the expectations of someone else’s polished reality. Fast-food, it’s obviously not good for us, yet we still eat it. Why? Society has normalized unhealthy eating for so long (for monetary gains of course) that now it’s second nature. We don’t question these habits until it’s too late, and our health is taken away from us. Once our health is taken away from us, you will see people become very desperate. Therefore, companies like Big Pharma are able to use our lack of self-control and fear to fuel their success of a monopoly health care. Movies and T.V. can be used to promote art, tell stories, and evoke feelings. Yet, it can also harm us too. Just like social media, the line between a true reality and a polished one is thin. Call it whatever you’d like, the “matrix” or whatever resonates inside of you, but you must know that pre-programming isn’t natural.

     Music is magic. Food is magic. Communication is magic. They all hold the potential to heal, but it all depends on how we use them. We cannot truly heal ourselves if we continue to choose what hurts us. Humans are far too intelligent at times. Some understand that you can control other humans like sheep with a little manipulation, and with this knowledge, they do. They promote and control addicting foods and drinks, which then leads to deteriorating health and long term diseases. They use scare tactics to lower your vibrations (as mentioned previously). They throw nonsense distractions at you, so you are not focused on the one thing that matters, your true divinity and purpose on this Earth. They show you something new and shiny every day so that you forget about everything you already have around you. This isn’t a conspiracy post, but an attention post. A call to pay attention to the small and big things which make up your reality. Maybe the music you listen to, the media you stream, the food you eat, and even the vices you drink.

How do you choose to exist?

Consider asking these questions:

     After you ask each question, continue repeating “why” until you reach the true reason to your habits. Do not settle with a surface answer, you deserve to at least be honest with yourself.


  1. “Why do I do this habit/routine everyday”
  2. “Why don’t I do this other habit/ routine everyday?”
  3. “Is this something which will help me expand and grow or will it hinder me in the long run?”
  4. “Does this action, thought, or feeling truly resonate within me?” “
  5. “Is this in alignment with my higher good and purpose?”


     It’s important that we realize the unique divinity and potential within all of us. Releasing that which no longer serves you will make more room for expansion. Any change can be difficult, big or small. Humans are creatures of habits, so it’s good to begin with small and refreshing habits to help you release the old overused ones.


Self care

     A perfect place to start is incorporating a self-car regiment everyday. In a consumerism society, it can be hard to find time for you, after all, they want our attention to be everywhere except on our true divinity. Take time to remember your sacredness. You can make a note to focus on the health of your skin (the largest organ of the body) by applying moisturizing soothing oils after showers and drinking plenty of water to stay glowing. Essential oils are wonderful for aroma therapy and can help you calm your senses & nervous system again. You can use an oil diffuser to fill your space with healing aromas.


     Another way to prioritize self-car is allowing yourself time each and everyday to meditate. Meditating helps calm the nervous system, helps you reconnect with source, strengthens your aura, helps heal the body, and so much more. The more you practice meditating the easier it is to see your higher self vs the ego. Society’s number one hidden power lies behind the ego. That’s why, once we begin to shed the ego and step into liberation of oneness, it’s dangerous. Because the “sheep herders” need our realities to appear separated. How else could they control such a powerful divinity?

Ask questions 

     Another piece of advice is to ask more questions and become more aware of the present. Question yourself and especially question others. We cannot expand the limitless universe within ourselves if we continue being spoon-fed our reality. We already have everything we need, after all the universe is always taking care of us, but can we appreciate that? Can we appreciate the things we have without comparison to others? Can we give just as much as we take? Do we choose foods for longevity and health or for comfort and cycle? These are the type of questions you should ask yourself regularly, to form your unique opinions and aligned reality.

Reduce stimulants and increase sleep

     Caffeine is one of society’s widely accepted stimulants, some may even say it is a drug. Every time I drive by Dunkin’ and I see “America runs on Dunkin”” I snort a little. They’ve really got us wrapped around their fingers, as we chase for our daily sugar fix. They start us out young with artificial sugars, that’s why it’s hard for most people to release it. Then you mix sugar with caffeine, well you’re in for a long night. A great habit is to ditch the sugar filled slurps and replace them with something more sustainable and healthy. Natural fruit juices and pure mineral filled water are magic!! They provide you abundance of vitamins and minerals, essential for a clear, energized body and mind!

     One thing many people don’t know is there are countless ways we can receive energy, they do not all depend on stimulants. Humans are so self-sufficient, that we have the power to create potent life energy right within ourselves. This can be found in grounding, meditation, breath work (potent), yoga, exercise, flow state, positive affirmations, healthy foods, reading/ learning, aromas, colors, music, herbs, and the list goes on. It’s  up to you now to find what fuels, resonates, and heals YOU. After all, we are the ultimate creators of our reality.

     Last but not least, the topic of sleep. Sleep is crucial for every creature, it allows the body deep undisturbed time needed to regrow and regenerate. It also allows us time for our astral bodies to explore the dream realm. Sleeping in cycle with the moon and sun is best for a deep night rest. However, eight hours a night, dedicated solely for sleep seems to be the sweet spot. When you discipline yourself to have a routine, and you wake up earlier, there is more room for possibilities. When you allow yourself a calm morning to invite the day, instead of jumping out of bed and to work, it helps transition the nervous system smoothly. A wonderful new habit I’ve begun is having a gratitude journal. Before I begin any duties of the day, I take the time to write in my gratitude journal. I fill every line with something I am grateful for, big or small. This helps re-train our brains to seek gratitude instantly, and it also helps raise your vibrations.


I hope these thoughts and pieces of advice were able to evoke something within that you never noticed. My intention is to bring opportunity for growth and reflection, always.


Thank you so much for reading.  

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Header photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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