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I pray when the voice in my head grows too loud.

My Ego muffles any real connection to divine guidance.

To the higher self.

I pray to my Angels, Ancestors, Gods, and most high teachers.

I pray to only those with pure intentions when handling my heart.

When I pray, I release.

I shiver as every drop of fear and doubt leaves my body.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Gratitude pours down my lips and into my hands.

The same hands I connect to my third eye.

To see the truth.

To view my life as the observer,

not the reactor.

The most pure perspective we can honor ourselves with.

When I pray, it’s not a magical fix.

Problems do not magically disappear into thin air.

I call onto my guides with complete trust.

They respond by revealing their presence.

Sometimes by touch.

Sometimes with sound.

Most times, it’s through a subtle thought.

They remind me it’s all happening for me,

not to me.

Everything that happens is for my highest good.

It’s always been this way.

When I pray, I receive guidance.

It’s up to me whether I accept or not.

Your protectors will never force help

unless they are called upon.

We all have the right to free will,

therefore, they will never intrude without.

You see, my mind is like a flowering field.

Each thought represented by a flower.

There are millions of them.

Far too many to count.

As my desperate prayers reach the heavens,

I receive an answer.

And this answer is so serene and delicate.

It’s like a seed falling from the sky into the blossoming field.

So quiet, yet assertive.

The only way to possibly catch it is with a quiet mind.

Divine guidance will never force answers onto you.

They don’t need to be the loudest thought in my mind.

They don’t need to force their way in front of Ego.

They know the truth, they’re just waiting to see if I can remember it too.

They’re waiting to find open arms.

A heart that surrenders.

This is what happens when I pray.

Once I finish my prayers with confidence they are heard,

my chest warms.

My heart chakra cracks open further as

Angels and Ancestors pour unconditional love-

oh so delicately-

up to the brim.

My mind goes calm.

Every thought is another wave in the storm.

A storm that suddenly seized.

Yet, the clouds are still grey, and the sky is still haunting.

But the ocean is calm.

It’s unwavering,

and it finds strength in stillness.

Ego no longer has a place to scream and shout for attention anymore.

I am now the observer.

Prayers may not always give a direct answer,

but they bring serenity to the mind.

They create space to listen.

Listen to the higher self within you.

After all, everything we need is right within.

Inside each and every one of us is a powerful sovereign being.

This potential resides deep inside…

Until one day, we have no choice, but to look within for the answers to our prayers.


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Much love & thank you so much for reading.

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