Why Are Stimulation Detoxes Important?

Photo by Gabrielle Dickson on Unsplash

Go to bed, song stuck in my head. Wake up, song stuck in my head. I go through my day, and the same song plays on an endless loop through my mind. It feels like I’m going mad.

I believe it’s time for a detox. Obviously my body is on edge and anxious from all the stimulus. Humans receive stimulation from our cellphones, social media, music, television, radio, food, lights, etc.  

Detox from stimulation is important because humans weren’t made to be constantly stimulated. I know this because when I pick up my phone or even connect to my Bluetooth speaker, my body behaves differently. My shoulders tense, and my heartbeat quickens as my body anticipates the gratifying entertainment to come.

When we listen to music our body mimics the beat. Our heart quickens if it’s upbeat, our breathing becomes more rigid, and so on. If we are constantly stimulating ourselves with hip-hop music for example, our bodies are constantly wound up.

Now, certain music types can help with certain tasks. Hip-hop for example is very motivating & energizing for me. Reggae and other soul music is often played at a slower hz, therefore, our body relaxes. Our breathing mimics the long notes held out by the singers and our nervous system relaxes as the beat is smoother. Classical music has even been found to improve focus and brain function!

However, our bodies not only mimic the feeling from the beats and tempos, they also mimic the words and beliefs. If you’re listening to negative music, whether you agree with the words or not, your subconscious soaks it in. It’s just how it works. Our subconscious if very impressionable, so it’s critical we observe what goes into it. It’s even more important to be aware: is what I’m consuming real or not? Does it paint a false reality, and am I comparing myself to these unrealistic expectations? Does this resonate with my beliefs and values? Will it help me grow, and if so, how? Is this draining me or serving me? If we’re not conscious and honest about these questions, it can be easy to fall down a spiral.

Stimulation detoxes are so important because we need time to vibrate at our OWN frequency. Not the frequency of an depressing love song, or an angry rock band. Sometimes not even the frequency of calm reggae music either. We all need time just to be. Not “be” how Beyoncé feels in this song or “be” like the people on our timeline.

We must, simply, exist.

We do not allow ourselves enough time to do this. I’ll admit, even I have a hard time setting down the phone and leaving it down. It’s almost like the human race has developed this tick. We check the phone even if we don’t get a notification.

Stimulus detoxes are necessary because they create space. They create distance from others energy and surrounds you with your own. They create distance from other people’s thoughts and emotions that fester into our mind. You get the quiet opportunity to see which thoughts are actually yours, and which ones were planted there by someone else.

These are important questions to ask ourselves regularly. Are we living or simply consuming? Consuming doesn’t always mean food. It means other’s energies, thoughts, ideas, content, advertising, music, games, subliminal messaging, sugars, alcohol, social media, medication, and so on.

Once we detox from the constant buzz, all of that white noise stops. Yes, your mind will race quite a bit in the beginning, but once you allow yourself to relax into the quiet and surrender, your mind relaxes too. It realizes there’s more beyond the constant stimulation. It realizes it can take a deep breath without worrying what comes next.

So I ask you to try. Even if it can’t be an entire day, begin small. What changes come from a simple quiet morning of detoxing? Detox whichever way you feel called. Whether it’s leaving the space you’re always in and taking a meditative walk in nature or sitting down with no distractions around- you will feel a difference. You can even read a book in complete silence and notice just how much more you gain from those words when you’re not distracted by a constant dinging or singing. This is one of the best ways, in my opinion, to detox. Reading allows us to work our brain and imagination, providing opportunity to think in new ways. There’s no right or wrong way to detox from the white noise which surrounds us, so I recommend you listen to your intuition.

Allow it to guide you to that which serves you.


I truly hope you give yourself the gift of being present without distractions, because the rewards are beautiful- even if it starts with a small amount each day ♥️

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