What Is The Purpose?

Quite often I think to myself, “What is the purpose if this will all be gone someday?”
Yes, a dark and cynical thought many would say.
“Don’t be so negative.”
But sometimes I just can’t handle it.
The pressure of the fact: one day this will all be gone.
It’s comforting and frightening all at once.

The weight is lifted that nothing truly matters,
but the daunting fact that each day inevitably leads to nothing.
Something beyond,
no one can truly prove it.

Then I hear a small voice when I begin to spin.
When I begin to push away everything worth loving and hide away behind distractions.

It reminds me, “The purpose is to learn.”
It urges me to believe.
Don’t forget the purpose is to Be.

To learn how to love yourself and everything unconditionally.

To learn how to create without limits.

To learn what you truly believe and forget the false stories.

There’s no true pressure to it.
If we choose to flow, there’s nothing we can’t get through.
Flow with the moments at hand.

Not the moments you wish to be.
Or the ones that once were.

Focus inside.
And raise your vibrations.

The purpose is to Exist.
It’s as simple and true as that.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Allow liberation to fuel your existence.

Exist without apology.

I’m reminded that the purpose is to expand.
To connect any chance we can with gratitude.
You are exactly who and where you need to be right here, right now.

Become the observer.

The creator.

No longer the reactor.

We should stop trying too hard.

We should stop trying to manage every moment,


even feelings.

Allow it to exist as it truly is.

Begin to dance along with the universe,
with ease,
with peace,
with trust.

Before you know it,
you’ll never want it to end.

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