Seems like my entire life, I’ve been waiting.

I’ve always waited for things to end.

The terrible actions of others.

Life in one town.


Onto the next grade.

I assumed since so much has left, nothing can truly stay, no matter how much it once meant to me… a small view of the world one would say.

That was my mind as a child.

A child who didn’t know her heart was her own responsibility to protect.

A child who didn’t know that the thoughts she believed turned into her immediate reality.

She felt so small.

But now she’s larger than any darkness that ever hurt her.

She can see through the smoke and the mirrors.

No longer does the pain they project seep into her skin, like spiders, they burrow in.

No longer does she choke and drown in her emotions, like a child without a floaty.

Now she can look each of them in the eye and say goodbye, truly meaning it.

With every ounce of courage in her body,

She takes that leap.

She’s learning to love endings, because she’s found, they always bring new beginnings.

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