5 Basics to Feeling Healthy and Happy

Here are five healthy habits to help boost serotonin, promote longevity, and sustain a positive lifestyle. Please like and comment for more!

1. 8 Hours of Sleep:

gregory-pappas-rUc9hVE-L-E-unsplashFrom my experience (and thousands of studies) eight hours of sleep is the sweet spot for the human body. However, this means consistently. It does no good to sleep eight hours 3 days of the week and then throw off your whole body clock.

Remember when we were kids and would cry when we got too tired? Yeah, well it gets worse. All I’m saying is, if you start feeling cranky or irritable, lie down for a nap (go by 30 minute increments to not mess up your rem cycle & wake up cranky) and see how you feel afterwards.

Our brains use sleep as an opportunity to heal our bodies while periodically trying to process what’s happening in our world. You can see this in action when we have emotional or disturbing dreams. The brain is trying to process the world around us in the best way your subconscious knows how to, through visualization and emotions.


2. Hydration:

ethan-sykes-TYxSsTtMYCQ-unsplash (1)It’s a plain fact, most people are chronically dehydrated. For the average person, aiming for 1 gallon of water a day is great. This depends on our body size, needs, and activities/environment. It may seem like a lot, however, that’s only because your body is not used to it… trust me, once you begin properly hydrating, your body will thank you.

 Research your H2O. It’s not just important to drink water, but it’s also important to know how it is sourced, processed, and distributed. Avoid water with: added chemicals, ‘purified by reverse osmosis’, ‘with added electrolytes and minerals’, ‘calcium chloride’ flimsy plastic bottles, etc.

 Our body’s natural state is alkaline, which is a fine balance of the good and bad. The list above shows just a few of the cheap and harmful ways companies secretly disrupt this balance.

 Water purified with reverse osmosis is dead water. There is no nutrients, electrolytes, minerals, or even a 7.35-7.45 PH balance…. Soda/drink companies do not really care if the water they’re producing is the “healthiest,” but is it the most convenient and popular?

This is why it is important we do research and look out for our bodies and the gentle care it deserves.

There is a reason 70% of our bodies is made of water


3. The food we eat:


It’s pretty obvious that the food we eat (or even don’t eat) has a direct effect on our bodies. Whenever the topic of diet comes up people tend to shy away, however there’s no need.

We can still eat all the foods we love, although, we must keep in mind: balance, variety, and detox.

Our bodies must have a balance of “good” and “bad.” There’s a reason they say too much of anything can be a bad thing. Food is an adventure of possibility, energy, and nutrients. Nourish your body with foods that to heal on a cellular level.

Always be mindful of the foods you eat and their affects on the body.

Balance comes from having a variety of foods in your diet. Our bodies are like machines, and each one is unique and has a different manual than another. One body may struggle to produce vitamin B or derive it from the foods eaten, while another may struggle to maintain bone strength. Each person will benefit from eating a variety of foods, however, they will only know what is best for them individually if they explore and see which foods feel best.

Learn to listen to your body’s needs and practice honoring them each and everyday.

Detoxing regularly can help promote longevity, immune health, and digestive health… alongside many other benefits. Detoxing can be done in many different ways: intermittent fasting, juicing, water fasting, dry fasting, and you can detox with many herbs as well. A bit of research and practice can help you find your body’s favorite way to detox 🙂

Remember to always consult with a trusted physician before attempting any major dietary changes, exercises, or herbs


4. Movement

craig-chitima-nkdLrnU88_A-unsplashThe bodies we have do not stay flexible forever. By the time we are in our mid-life, our bodies are 50% water, in comparison to 70% when we’re younger (if were hydrated).

With this decline in numbers we see that the human body becomes stiffer, as the muscles no longer have their elasticity and the bones no longer have strength.

Movement is medicine, it’s as simple as that. Along with all the prior tips, I recommend each person get at least 20 minutes of cardio a day and stretching either before or after.

Regular exercise benefits literally every function & organ in the body. If you often feel drained and fatigued it could quite likely be caused by lack of movement. Our bodies have energy which needs to either flow through or be released. Exercise helps us keep longevity of the body and helps keep all the “parts” working like they used to- it also helps detox through sweat!

Exercise promotes the release of endorphins (happy feelings), melatonin, and overall well-being.


5. Sunlight


Direct beautiful sunlight gives us vitamin D, not the substitute that capsules give us. The real deal. Humans aren’t meant to be detached from mother nature, constantly inside concrete walls. Set a goal to get outside for at LEAST 15 minutes of sunlight per day. You will notice a difference with even a small amount. Sunlight helps keep our internal clock on track, increases serotonin production, keeps our skin healthy/glowing, and so much more. Sunlight and mood have a direct correlation, that’s why so many individuals can be affected by seasonal depression.

If you’d like to learn more ways to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle, feel free to message me for more personalized suggestions! You can contact me through the blog or direct message me through Instagram: simplyshi.



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