10 Reasons You Need Alkalized Water in Your Life

Here are 10 Reasons I’ve added alkalized water to my life and you should too.


1. It refreshes fresh produce and rids them of harmful pesticides and water contaminates! While using alkalized water in my kitchen, I noticed that almost month old carrots were revamped. They turned bright orange and the smell was astonishing. I simply soaked them in Tupperware filled with 9.5 alkaline water, gave them a shake, opened up the lid and saw all of the film, and dirt coming off of them. Same for my lettuce, celery, grapes, and blueberries!

Compared to normal tap water, alkalized water removed so much that we simply cannot see.

 2. Another use in the kitchen is, you can use alkalized water for cooking or teas! While cooking I’ve been using a mixture of 9.5 and 9.0 and the flavor has been…. unbelievable. It feels like it is popping in my mouth. Tea, Blueberries, vegetables, even bratwurst! This water is so multi purpose!


3. You can use acidic water for cleaning, without harsh chemicals! I’ve used 2.0 ph for cleaning my dishes and it left OLD dishes shiny. You can save so much money and time not having to buy cleaning products that leave behind film and dry out your hands.


4. Alkalized water is micro clustered, which means it penetrates cells deeper than average tap water. You can see the proof in the photo above. The cloudiness is oxygen! When a body becomes too acidic from animal products, stress, lack of exercise… etc. you begin to have chronic symptoms: inflammation, cramps, constipation, weak bones, etc.

When people are told to drink water, they either reach for tap or bottled water. This is a BIG mistake. These sources of water do not provide necessary nutrients to HEAL diseases, they may mask them temporarily, but excess consumption of this water leads to long term health effects in itself.

I tested the average bottled water often sold in grocery stores, and it was as acidic as soda. Water sold in bottles are often purified by reverse osmosis, this means that every ounce of nutrients is stripped. You no longer have the natural occurring minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, oxygen, etc. It strips the minerals in the body and you end up urinating it all out.

Every time I drink bottled water my mineral levels drop drastically. The body has to work even harder to maintain the few minerals and nutrients left behind, because the reverse osmosis water strips the body of nutrients. It’s literal dead water.

For tap water I did a test and it was average PH, not too acidic, but not alkalized either. This is fine, however there are still chemicals, minerals, dirt, chlorine, ammonia, pesticides, and whatever else you can imagine in the water…. It depends greatly on your region of the world. These impurities can cause severe damage to organs.


5. Due to Ehlers Danlos and a handful of other syndromes I have, I often experience gastrointestinal pain. It flares up when I’m too stressed, dehydrated, or eat an acidic diet (animal products, processed sugar, GMO, etc.) Recently I’ve been under immense stress, I was vomiting at least twice a week, and had low energy. Many people with POTS, Ehlers Danlos, Klippel Feil Syndrome, and similar chronic illnesses struggle with stomach issues daily.

 Alkalized water soothes and balances any imbalances in the body. Whether it’s inflammation from food, too much mucus, irritation of the stomach lining, or too much animal product… alkalized water helps bring the body back to its natural state.


6. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Whether it’s a choice or unconscious, it’s simply a fact. Personally, 64 oz a day is the sweet spot for me, however it will of course differentiate person to person. This daily amount depends on your diet, activity level, weight, and health history.

 Average water does not penetrate the cells, therefore people tend to drink more and more and still feel thirsty. Especially bottled water which we’ve mentioned is cleaned with reverse osmosis, contains chemicals like calcium chloride, and have been sitting in the sun getting poisoned with BPA.

With alkalized water, I can physically feel my body absorbing the water better. My stomach doesn’t need to work as hard and it leads to less constipation, indigestion, tension, and nausea.

Our body is kind of like a car, and alkalized water is the oil. If you skimp out for a cheap alternative, don’t expect very good outcome, and the car will probably have more issues down the road. However, if you invest the best into your vehicle, you can expect tremendous outcomes. It will run smoother, recover easier, and feel more reliable!


7. Alkalized water is TREMENDOUS for skin & hair health. I washed my face with 6.0 water and it removed so much HIDDEN dirt… I had to take a minute and look at what was on the towel. It left my skin feeling so moisturized, toned, plump, and clear (and this was all without a moisturizer!)

Although alkalized water is amazing for the skin, I still recommend a sunscreen/moisturizer! You still want to protect your skin throughout the day and when you’re asleep at night! ♥️


8. Proper Hydration leads to less wrinkles and a younger feeling body. The skin and muscles are stretchy, but what helps them stretch? H2O. If you do not hydrate properly the wear and tear will show sooner than later! Our skin is like a sponge (and muscles), they will absorb whatever they come in contact with. So make sure you choose only the best for your body!

Studies have shown a direct connection in mood and the appearance of our skin! The more you take care of it with positive intention and gentleness, the more this self-care can reflect in other aspects of your life!

You deserve to show up as your best self, full of confidence!


9. Disease breeds in acidic environments. Inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, cavities, degenerative bone disease…. The list goes on. I recommend doing research to learn more about your specific health!

However, a body that is alkalized (8.0+)  is less susceptible to disease (6.0 or below leads to dis-ease/imbalance).

As I said earlier, recently I’ve been having a LOT of stomach issues. This is nothing unusual for me, it’s been like this since I was a child. However, whenever I drink alkalized water it seems that my stomach quite literally relaxes. It doesn’t need to stress out from too much acidity, leading to heart burn, or even vomiting. It is neutralized and allows the intestines to absorb the nutrients without inflammation.


10. Alkalized water helps your immune system as well. I have an autoimmune disorder, so when it gets triggered…. It gets triggered. 😳 I’m talking I can barely move my body, and I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of death. Drinking alkalized water helps strengthen your body with the necessary nutrients for a strong immune system. This doesn’t mean it is the ONLY thing you need, however it is the perfect compliment to a nutrient rich diet because it helps you absorb the vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, probiotics, amino acids, etc. even better!

So often we will have too much or too little in our diet: too much food + too little water. Too much soda + too little water. Too much smoke + too little detoxing. You’re catching my drift.

Our body thrives off balancing, so that means if the PH is knocked off in the slightest, it can cause trouble in other areas of the body.

I have 1.5 kidneys. This means if I do not drink enough water, it messes with my back, kidneys, digestion, and even blood sugar. Once the body has issues filtering the food/liquids put into the body, it begins to accumulate in the body.

Accumulation = bad.

For example, alcohol is very bad for the body. It collects in the stomach and is hard for the kidneys & liver to filter. Many people who binge drink have dangerous gastrointestinal diseases in their lives. This is because the alcohol quite literally eats away at the organs. There is nothing to balance the high acidity in the body.

Now of course the best way to avoid acidity in the body is to eat non-acidic foods and avoid harmful environments/habits, however humans are not perfect. But if you can master the art of balance and nurturing, there’s nothing in this world you cannot have!

Within reason of course, please do not binge drink or any partake in any other harmful activities. The body still deserves to be honored, and abstaining from harmful habits can save you long term health challenges! Honor your body! 🌎♥️



Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or want to learn how to bring alkalized water into your life please contact me!


Or text: (319)-481-2171

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