Subtle Change

Photo by Mikel Parera on Unsplash

Beautiful change is subtle.

Your blessings do not need to be loud in order to be there.

Their divine essence is majestic enough.

That alone should be praised.


The steps taken are what create your story.

Not the glory or the praise.

The journey truly is more important than the destination.


So often we wish for everything we want right away.

But what would we do if we got it?

Can we sustain those blessings in our life?

Are we capable of handling the responsibilities necessary to continue growing.

Will we fall back into old habits once we receive all we want?

And will you remember to thank God if he gave it all to you right away?


These are the questions I ask myself.


I remind myself, you can have the entire world, just not all at once.

You can live every single dream you have, but God cannot give those dreams to the old you.


The old you is not prepared.

They do not understand the importance of persevering or persistence.

They do not have enough appreciation for the challenges or learning curves yet.

They are still stuck in old habits which no longer serve them.


In order to see these subtle changes,

You must be willing to change.

You must be willing to release the image you once thought you were, and step into who you truly are.

At least for this season.


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