Diary of the Devil

Part 1. 

It’s truly unfortunate that I had to let her go.

With a smile so big, and eyes so wide.

Her swoonful words could bring any man to his knees.


Anyone would’ve surely thought she was the one.

Perfect for a man like me.

Body full of curves and secrets.

A stomach as hungry as mine was always satisfied.


I laid her head down softly that night.

Her neck was exposed under the moonlight.

The innocent moon peered through the curtains.

I pulled them shut.

I don’t need light to get what I need.


Part 2.

I wrapped her body in a thick quilt of relaxation.

I even turned on her favorite night light.

It lit up the corner of her desk.

The orange hue reflected beautifully upon her blood-stained necklace.


Her once straightened hair now curled back to its natural state.

Blood seeped to every edge.

It was beautiful.

Once blue sheets now turned into a delicious pure purple


Part 3. 

I always kept those sheets.

They remind me of all the wonderful nights with you.

The fabric against my cheek reminds me of your skin.


It was always so soft to the touch.

Always warm.

Even as the grip of your fingers went limp around mine.


Part 4. 

“Please, don’t be loud,” I scorned her.

Her Bambi eyes stared at me wide.

They weren’t joyful, like usual.


Afraid, but dare I say, amused?


I tightened my grip.

Her smile crept wider as each second passed.


Part 5. 

Was this the perfect moment I’ve been waiting for?

The moment of our timeline that changed everything?

You said you’d always love me forever.

No matter what happened.

No matter how bad it got.


“Do you love me?”

The room goes red, “DO YOU LOVE ME?”

Your mouth whispers yes.


Part 6. 

Your existence is powerful.

It’s too pure for me.

I must water it down.


All you want is love.

To give and receive.

All you want is for someone to see the light in you too.


I see it, I truly do.


Part 6. 

I couldn’t let her just leave that night.

Not after my outburst of ego.

I told her to stay with me.

I wouldn’t let the creatures in the corners get her.


Part 7.

Her eyelids fluttered as she tossed and turned.

All night.

Her intuition called to be listened to.

Unfortunately, intuition cannot be louder than the spirits in her drink.


Part 8. 

Purity is simply energy waiting to be harnessed, if you approach it right.

Someone must trust you before you take what you want… if you truly want it all.


They must open the doors for you to come inside.

The pure begin pure, and they must stay that way.

I need the best of you to create the worst of me.


Wonderful, isn’t it?


Part 9. 

I admired you for hours afterward.

Your curls are dipped in red.

Isn’t funny how blood is never red to begin?

It’s an illusion, quite like many other things.


Your tanned skin is now white and limp.

My favorite part of you, now gone because of me.

It’s too good to be true.

Part 10. 

Do I ever miss you?

Of course.

How could I not?

A woman so majestic, God himself couldn’t believe his own creation.


You are better now though.

You are a part of me.

You only need to serve me.


The weight of the world is off your shoulders.

It’s only you and I.


Part 11. 

Taking all of you gives you all of me.

Don’t look too far inside.

You’ll see things you don’t want to see.



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