Zen Your Home

Whilst organizing things in my home during a long moving process, I had a thought.

How does your home flow?

I looked around and noticed the living room was intuitively moved. Everything we moved opened up so much space. The window had become the main center piece and the pets were all comfortably placed in their designated areas. It felt relaxed and decluttered. My greenhouse sits proudly next to my altar, placed intentionally across from the front door to protect this blessed home.

Along the way is the kitchen, where cleanliness, good health, food, and potions are the focus. It is cleaned and maintained regularly. Sustainability, cleansing, and nourishment thrive here in the home. A table is placed for company and daily gatherings. Large layout is optimal for daily movement and focus on physical health.

Down the hall, you’ll find the bedrooms and bathroom. In the bathroom a bright shower curtain accents the room. Scents stimulate the senses as soft soaps and candles cradle the countertop. The tub is utilized to soak, nourish, and rest the body. Cleanse, release, and resetting thrives here.

Diagonal is the first bedroom. This room ensures relaxation and purity. Free of worry, this room encloses warm earthy tones. To invite relaxation, low-light lamps are mainly used. Candles decorate the dresser, along with a covered mirror. The candle-lit environment gently triggers the mind and promotes melatonin production in the brain. Cozy blankets and air flow is efficient for deep sleep. A dim nightlight may be recommended if walking is needed, it can provide comfort as well.

Opposite doorway is the office. Curtains stay open to welcome cleansing, charging, and healing natural light. This natural lights promotes creativity, high vibrations, and source connection. The desk faces the doorway to create ease and avoid a distracted mind. The floor is cleared of mess or clutter, this helps invite in clarity of mind and also provides space for gentle stretches in between work. Much like the living room, the furniture and decorations in the office are placed to flow. Easy movement with the eyes lead to easy movement within the mind.

Low and gentle light is recommended at night, so the mind can remain calm and relaxed before bed. Calm music is a compliment to the environment as well. A tidy desk leads to less work-related anxiety. Desks with drawers allow for easy access and simplicity for the gaze.

Purified airflow, whether from air purifier or plants, help create openness for the lungs. Encouraging deep, calm breathing and a relaxed nervous and immune system. Symbols for the elements bring internal balance as well. Candles=fire, water fountain=water, fans=wind, windows=light, plants=earth, etc. Pets always bring magic into our worlds, reminding us of the simplicity of life. They can help provide healthy emotional support, comfort, and playfulness.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this inspired you in someway.

May you find Zen within your home, for a balanced home reflects a balanced mind.

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