You Are Amazing


Everything inside of you that you say you cannot do… believe it or not, you can do it better than anyone ever could.


Do not let the voice in your head be the bully. No longer can you afford sleeping on yourself.


You see, success is born in doubt. How else can you get to heights no one has ever seen? You have the power to give birth to a glorious life.


A life filled with intuitive steps and balanced breaths. You are capable to attain a perfect life, but you must first reflect: what is my definition of a perfect life? Does it consist of slow mornings or bubbly nights? Luxury and relaxation or thrill and excitement? A daydream love or a haunting nightmare? Only you know.


Now you must wonder, with all that I want…. what shall I surrender?

What must I give up in order to receive?

It is the only way to receive the greatest of destinies, to live the brightest of all realities.


I believe in you and I know you are capable of breathe-taking things. You always have been, and you are more than worthy to attain everything you dream. Simply you breathing this very moment on this magnificent planet is proof enough.


You are amazing.

Your friend, Shilynn Marshall.

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