Not Creative Enough

I finally realized the wall that stops me every time my hands hit the keyboard. When I was in middle school I remember the teacher of a “gifted students class” told me I wasn’t creative enough. As a child that really hurt and confused me. I loved to create. I’d stay up till sunrise drawing, painting, singing, dancing…  How dare she say that.

I had to brush it off and keep it moving. I’m sure my mom heard about it for weeks after.  I let the feelings simmer until they finally evaporated into my subconscious. In my schoolyears I avoided art classes or any creative expression, with the fear of being judged for my creativity.

For years I unconsciously carried those words and sought out evidence to prove them right. Growing up I always believed I was creative…  just not enough. 

Here I am today, with my reflection telling me one story and my soul exposing another.


 I am worthy of material abundance for my creative projects.

I am worthy of expressing my soul without judgment.


I am worthy of attracting wealth into my life.


I hold the focus necessary to achieve my dreams.


I take action on my ideas.


I am worthy of happiness and relaxation.


I am worthy enough to fulfill my life purpose.

I am creative enough.

2 thoughts on “Not Creative Enough”

  1. They didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. Trust me when I say this…you have endless skills, talents, an amazing & creatively unique way of seeing things in this world & finding beauty where many can’t see it. Those that put seeds of doubt in you are lacking something in themselves, but no matter the reason they miss out on all you to have to offer . Prove em’ wrong Shi! ❤

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