We’re All Addicted


Drugs, they buzz around my head like flies in a country barn. All types of them. Slow. Big. Fast. Dangerous. Cruel. I cover my ears, eyes, and mouth hoping to outrun the stench seeping from them…

Humans appear to have their eyes wide open, but they are too glazed to see clearly. Drinking, smoking, swallowing, snorting, injecting…. It’s too much. My heart clenches and twists. Short-lived thrills are chased, but I am running away so fast my feet trip under me; I try to not look back. I cannot see where I am going, but it is far away.

I pray quietly, please let humans understand that this isn’t the way. I’ve seen it first hand, this is not the way. My ancestors stand beside me as I weep, gentle hands on my shoulders. They hold me tight as I dream of a better future.

The war on drugs has only just begun. Yes, humans have always been using drugs and vices for anyway to escape reality, but it is evolving dangerously. Everyday you hear another horror story of a child who has ingested another foreign creation. Or a sad story of another parent overdosing. There’s so many hearts left with the void of what if’s.

How can we as humans, the most intellectually advanced creatures on this planet destroy ourselves so contently. We destroy ourselves and blow the sirens so loud we cannot hear our souls screaming for something different. For something better. Our lungs blacken and tarnish, our veins collapse, and our organs blow as another day is wasted, drifting aimlessly in the clouds.

 This is no way to live.

Children and adults are taunted and tempted day in and day out. Commercials for vices and spirits are shown more than candy, more than toys. “Live the life you were always meant to” society tells them for the 100th time today. Music is played over and over and over again, sewing fear of missing out into our subconscious. Children’s shows are riddled with messages and temptations, glorified as the way it should be. As the way it’ll always be.

I cannot stand it, my blood boils as so many popular shows do the same bit. Drink potions and smoke this paper. Try this drug you have absolutely no clue where it is from, how it was made, or what it does…. Don’t question what’s going into your body because that doesn’t matter, only the instant satisfaction matters.

We say drugs are poisoning our youth, when in reality it’s the media we are programmed with. It is the tarnished narratives we pass down like folktales. It is the spirals we are trained to chase so we can ignore our truths.

As I sit here, a young 20 year old, I see the corruption clearly. I have seen all sides of the coin and I understand no side is as pretty as we’re told.

Yes, you can party and you can feel invincible in that moment, but the feeling you feel is a false God. This phrase is not to be religious, but to describe the feelings such as liberation, love, understanding, and peace. All humans seek these at some point, right? Humans have adapted around drugs and stimulation to avoid feelings too intense or too hollow to handle, giving them a temporary world free of suffering.

Drugs paint an illusion of the comfort you’ve been searching for. I’ve seen it, time and time again…. the media pumps out this empty love as the perfect distraction. They glorify it and wrap it in a pretty pink package and that is how we buy it.

History is repeated.

One side of the coin is a false god, who imitates peace, serenity, and helps you escape… but do they show life falling apart with each passing night? Do they show family growing distant because there’s no more trust? Do they show the paranoia while hiding from the cops on another bad trip? Do they show organs painfully failing as they’ve been neglected yet another year. Do they put bail in a pretty Christmas box as another holiday is missed with the family?

It can get worse.

This is the truth behind drugs. This is the truth behind trying to outrun reality. One may think they’re living the life, the one they’re “built for” but no one was put onto this Earth to crumble their potential. This is a choice we make.

I did not write this to judge or shame in anyway. I always write with the intention to explore perspectives. I wrote this to explore all sides of this silent war in so many lives.

If you are struggling with any addiction, or know someone who needs help, please reach out to professionals with the tools to help. Do not feel ashamed. The sooner harmful habits are stopped, the sooner one realizes the missing love only grows from within. It can only be cultivated in your very own heart. Where it must be seen, nurtured, and cared for by you in order to sustain its beautiful life. This takes time and attention, but you are worth every second.

Peace, true love, and joy is your birth right.

You are worthy and you are loved.

In the links below you can find free professional resources for drug abuse and mental health help.







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