If I Was a Spine

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

If I was a spine, I would choose mine.

Yes, I may be crooked and fragile, but I have potential. 

Sometimes the disks that are meant to protect me slip.

They slip around, sometimes up and sometimes down.

I really hate when they force their way into the delicate dance of nerves. 

On the bright side, it mostly happens when I bend over without mindfulness.

You see, there’s potential. 

Potential to come back to the present moment. 

Potential to connect breath to movement.

Tighten the solar plexus. 


If I was my spine I would shock and sear all through the night.

I’m the constant reminder that restful sleep is meant to be cherished.

If I was my spine I would blush from the attention that nurses and doctors give me. 

They say they’ll gift me bolts, screws, and even pins. 

I can’t believe it,

I got to see the outside world- twice!

Why yes, the screws from the medical instruments were a bit brutal,

and maybe the bright lights were a bit unsettling,

but how many spines can say they’ve seen the world beyond the warm pink human tissue? 

I even got my picture taken for memories, 

I believe it’s called an “x-ray.”


If I was a spine I would snap, crackle, pop into each pose on the yoga mat. 

I detox my system of built-up medicine and fluids from the long night before. 

I would hold onto the importance of self-care every day, as I try to remind others just how vital it is for a grateful life. 

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