The Harmful Effects of BPA and Hormones

How many times do you go to the store or gas station and grab a bottle of water for the road? Not much to think about, after all, you’re just trying to stay hydrated. Most times if you pay attention you can find those same bottles of water sitting outside on display for weeks. This only goes to show how long that particular store has had it out in the sun, but do we truly know how long those same bottles have been in production and sitting in the back of countless trains and trucks soaking in the sunlight?

BPA is a harmful byproduct of plastic. When plastic is heated up or in direct sunlight, BPA then begins to seep into the products inside the plastic bottle/container.

Now you may be thinking, “This is all mumbo jumbo…. I’ve been using plastic for years and I’m just fine.” And if that’s how you feel then wonderful, but I do urge you to consider alternatives for your long-term health and well-being.

Recently I experienced the effects BPA has on hormones. I had accumulated a good handful of plastic bottles in my kitchen and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I did enjoy the ease and the size of them, they were easy to carry and held just the perfect amount of water for me… so without thinking, I continued to use them. I thought surely I was doing the Earth some good by not throwing them away, right?


Within a week or so of using the plastic bottles, washing them in the dishwasher (I highly advise to never put plastic into the dishwasher, please learn from my mistakes), and then re-using them again, I was starting to feel different.

I noticed that my premenstrual symptoms were coming every week or so instead of every month. I felt like I was having a new period every week. I couldn’t think clearly and my emotions were everywhere. My stomach felt uneasy each time I drank from the plastic bottles and my mood instantly went sour. I didn’t begin to connect dots until my boyfriend had commented on my 360 mood swings.

After this strange incident I went looking for answers. I learned that hormones can be affected by so many things, especially BPA. BPA affects the hormones by imitating estrogen. This is a vital hormone for most female bodily functions. Examples include mood, weight, hair health, and even appetite. Long-term exposure, much like any other chemicals, can risk cellular & DNA damage. I learned these shocking facts from one of my favorite holistic health books, Angel Detox. I’ll paste the link here if you’re interested 💗

Once I detected the source of my troubles I removed all of the bottles from my home. Within a few days I started to feel normal again. Fortunately, BPA only stays within the human body for around 24/48 hours. Although BPA is found in plastic, it has also been found in food. Yes, it is unfortunate, but what a surprise hm? Industrial farms feeding the animals trash filled with plastic, diseases, and lord knows what else. Eating certain animals products impose a big health risk, such as dairy, meats, and other chemically altered products. Many farmers who lack a moral code & focus on quantity instead of quality will stuff their chickens and cows with growth hormones to produce more eggs, meat, and dairy… in half the time.

Not only is this hazardous and cruel to the animals, but it is for humans too. Do you think that disease simply washes away off the meat before it is cooked? (If it is even cleaned properly beforehand) The diseases that occur in the animals before they die are often “cutaway” or simply fed to the other farm animals… this is where mad cow disease arises from. Cows are vegetarians, and feeding them sick cows just to save money on feed and production costs…. makes my stomach curl just thinking about it.

This is not to say you must become a vegan RIGHT NOW to save your health, not at all. But there are ways you can help protect your health and your family’s too. My first piece of advice is to be wary of which animal products you buy, their farms/production company, and which restaurants support/buys from them. This can help you detect which companies invest in ethical farming, and can help you avoid disease and sickness in the long run. Now, I know no human is perfect so there will be slip-ups where you may have eaten more animal products than intended. It’s okay, let’s practice radical compassion and look for simple solutions.

The first step is to identify which foods you have eaten and note the way they made you feel… It may be hard to pin-point if you’ve ate several, but just get a general idea. Next, you must give your body a break to completely digest the food and get rid of any harmful waste. This steps takes a matter of days, or even potentially weeks, depending on the speed of your metabolism. Animal products naturally take longer to digest due to their DNA construct, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to detox.

Some of my favorite ways to detox are intermittent fasting, juice fasting, water fasting, and only eating fruits and veggies. These are wonderful and simple ways to help give your system a much-needed reset and reboot. If you are searching for other ways I may not have mentioned I definitely recommend that book from earlier, they have detoxes for all sorts of things!

Now, when it comes to detoxing the harmful chemical BPA from your life there’s a few things I make sure to practice. To begin, if I MUST buy a plastic waterbottle because there’s no other access to clean water, I DO NOT wash it to reuse. I reccomend using it once and recylcing afterwards. It’s not worth the risk of even more chemicals in your system. Also avoid the cheapest waterbottles, their plastic is often-times very thin, therefore leaking BPA much quicker than thicker alternatives. Of course though, the best way to preserve your health and reduce your ecological footprint is avoiding the “one-and-done culture.”

The biggest decision I made when it came to plastic bottles and sustainable living was purchasing my LevelUK K8 Machine. This is a medical grade water ionizer which filters out any harmful metals, toxins, and by-products commonly found in most tap water. It not only filters the water- because most filters can do this easily- but it is also adjust the PH accordingly. Unlike most filters (and I mean most because I’ve tried quite a few and have ended up getting sick from them too) that change the water to “alkaline ph” through chemical alteration, Kangen water is alkalized through a process called electrolyzed reduced waste. This means the water is NOT stripped down by chemicals, but instead enhanced through electrical currents to safely produce deeply hydrating and safe-to-drink water. If you’d like to learn more about kangen water and how it works feel free to check out this PDF.

The pros of investing in a sustainable water system:

I hope this reading today allowed you some insight into the not-so-pretty world of plastic bottles and some of the ways you can eliminate them from your life!

If you would like to speak directly with me, the author of, you may contact me via text message or direct message! I would love to talk holistic & sustainable living. 😊 If you are interested in purchasing a sutainable water system like mine, message me and I would be more than glad to answer any questions you may have & help with the exciting process  💛

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