About The Author

Hello and welcome to SimplyShi.Blog. My name is Shilynn Marshall. I am a writer and digital designer from Iowa. I am a chronic pain warrior who works full time online. If you can’t find me playing with my three fuzzy babies, or traveling, I am probably writing, designing, or advocating holistic health.

I am the full-time author of SimplyShi.Blog. This is a safe space of the internet for vulnerability, creativity, and self-exploration. Here, I speak of many different topics, all with the end goal to heal the reader in one way or another. On this blog I strive to shine light into the forgotten corners of the soul. I write about vulnerable parts of the human experience, so we can explore radical self-love once again, without judgement. 

Along with blogging I am an author and digital creator. I am the founder of The Writer’s Garden, an online shop. The Writer’s Garden offers an array of downloads, notebooks, novels, and much more. You’re sure to find a book you can’t get out of your mind!

In the background amongst all this writing, I run my own online sustainable water business. I share the life-changing benefits of Kangen Water with souls looking for a better way of living. Just like me. I have life challenging chronic pain and illnesses, so everyday I aim to be a light for someone else in the dark. We all deserve optimal health, healing the roots of the illness holistically, and not simply covering them with “short term solutions.”

If you are passionate about holistic health, personal growth, and working anywhere with a WIFI connection, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and how you can get started today!

Thank you so much for learning a bit about me, and I wish you a beautiful, peace-filled day.