Yoga In Everyday

For my yoga class we were asked to share how we practiced acts of self-love throughout our week. I hope these short yoga entries flick a flame inside you. A flame that encourages self care in your everyday life too. Remember, we are no use to others if we do not take care of ourselves […]

What Is The Purpose?

Quite often I think to myself, “What is the purpose if this will all be gone someday?” Yes, a dark and cynical thought many would say.“Don’t be so negative.” But sometimes I just can’t handle it.The pressure of the fact: one day this will all be gone.It’s comforting and frightening all at once. The weight […]

Soothe the Ego

Recently spirit told me something essential to my growth. They told me I cannot have both. I cannot have a high vibrational life with low vibrational habits. The habit they had pointed out was my ability to lash out in defense of my ego and pride. During a recent tarot reading, I was able to […]