14 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

During all the chaos in the world right now, we’re being forced by the universe to look inward. We’ve had most of our outer world distractions taken away from us. This is difficult when we are so used to giving away our energy or being surrounded constantly but other people’s energy. So here we are, under quarantine and forced to face nothing but ourselves. This can be scary if we’re not used to truly having time for ourselves, but no need to fear, Shilynn is here! 🙂

Here are 14 ways to raise your vibrations so you can begin to live your best life!

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Turning Chronic Pain Into Gratitude

I’ve made a guided meditation on how to transform negative feelings during a flare up into feelings of gratitude.

I hope this meditation allows you the opportunity to view chronic pain from a new perspective.

A perspective where you no longer think it’s “me vs my body,” but now it’s “my body and I work in perfect harmony.”

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The Raw Side of Spinal Surgery. Everything Your Doctor Can’t Tell You.

I am eighteen years old and I’ve had two spinal fusion surgeries (cervical to be more specific). Often when people hear this they look at me in horror. How could someone so young have a neck surgery like that, let alone two of them?? And to that I reply, “You’re telling me.”

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How the Universe Chose My University

© University of Iowa

In the movies you always see college acceptances go a bit like this: a girl (or boy) shakily opens a big white envelope. They hold their breath as they peer at what’s inside. Usually following is a sigh of relief as they can finally bring their shoulders down from their ears. Their dream school wants them. They pack up all their things and in the fall their parents drop them off miles away from home. 

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The Ride

A short scary story.

“Well, if you forgot it we’re not going back for it,” the bus driver slams the door shut and kicks the gear into drive. The door is barely shut as I watch my parents shrink behind me. Maybe thirty minutes into the long drive someone is already whining about needing the bathroom. “Seriously, we are only thirty minutes in,” I grumble under my breath.

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