The Mighty

Hey there, got some free time? If so, you should check out my first published article on The Mighty. It covers Klippel-Feil Syndrome and how it effects each person who has it differently. This article talks about my close friend Luca and her story of surviving Klippel-Feil and other complex diseases as well.

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Metal Head

This is a short narrative piece which describes how I felt after my second cervical fusion surgery. After waking up, I realized the surgery really worked. The pressure from my bones collapsing around my spinal cord was finally gone. I couldn’t believe it. After half a year of debilitating migraines, I could finally take a breath.

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“A Worrying Cardboard City”

This poem is about one of the last moments I had with my dog Marley before we moved cities. Marley was too sick and could barely walk. We had to put him down. I remember the day we got Marley years before. My sister and I were in my room and it was late at night. My dad comes in with a dark brown jumping puppy. We are beyond ecstatic. My dad tells us to think of names. He tries calming the puppy down since it wasn’t only a surprise for us- but mom too. After five minutes of saying no to all other ideas, we chose Marley. Over the years he collected many names, such as: Marley Monroe, Marley McFarley, and Dingo. I love you Marley and miss you.

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