Easy At Home Scrubs, Mists, and Masks!

If you’ve been looking for some new hydrating, exfoliating, and relaxing skin/hair products, LOOK NO FURTHER!
I’ve decided to share some of my favorite DIY at home scrubs, mists, and masks!
Save this blog post so you can easily come back to make your own!

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How to Stay Balanced as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

A highly sensitive person is someone who is affected tremendously by the energy around them. Others will call HSPs sensitive and claim they have to “walk on eggshells around them.” HSPs tend to overthink, have high anxiety, an overactive mind, insomnia, and digestive issues… the list goes on. HSPs tend to be uncomfortable with a lot of people and noise around them. Life can get pretty rough for highly sensitive people, but we must remember it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Since they can feel energy so intensely, they’re often empaths. An empath is a person who can sense subtle changes in emotions, energy, and feel other people’s emotions so deeply they mistake them as their own. They can just feel it. HSPs are born like this and their DNA shows an actual distinction from others. How would the world go on without their soft-compassionate hearts? Here are ways I’ve learned to stay balanced and take care of myself as a highly sensitive person. 

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Creating a Connection With Your Divine Guides and Higher Self

Divine beings all live at a higher frequency than we as humans do, but this doesn’t mean we cannot be guided by their never ending support. Over the past year of my life I have practiced raising my vibrations so I can connect to those we cannot see. Call them angels, ancestors, spirits, higher self… whatever you wish. Once you surrender and open up you will receive the guidance and unconditional love Source has for you. Here are the steps I’ve done to open back up to Source aka the Universe (in no specific order). 

Side note: everything on my list may not work for everyone, so take what works for you and leave the rest 🙂

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The Raw Side of Spinal Surgery. Everything Your Doctor Can’t Tell You.

I am eighteen years old and I’ve had two spinal fusion surgeries (cervical to be more specific). Often when people hear this they look at me in horror. How could someone so young have a neck surgery like that, let alone two of them?? And to that I reply, “You’re telling me.”

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